Chantas Bitches – Hot and Cold

Devaun, Chantas Bitches new slave, is in for the BDSM experience of her life. She was taken to the factory and tied up as soon as she enter. After a while some brought her water and bread to her cell. And the torturing begun, she was bound to a chair with heaters all over her, the temperatures going up and down. Devaun’s asshole and pussy are stretched to get comfortable with Chanta’s enormous strap on cock. Devaun suffers through a hardcore flogging and many forced orgasms.

These babes like it rough and they sure don’t mess around with nice things. Devaun had a night she sure wont forget soon and there are marks to remember her about her insane night and about her first BDSM experience. Tied up and getting roughly fucked with a monster dildo isn’t something you forget about so soon. Check out this ChantasBitches new slave getting tortured or enter the site and see some sweet lesbian babes eating each other’s pussy out!


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Student strapon abuse

College student Sabrina is here on Chantas Bitches, ready to get properly punished. She is being restrain by Adrianna using all kinds of leather straps. Then she receives a electric butt-plug up her tight ass for a quick shock therapy. In this rope bondage, she gets flogged, strap on fucked and forced to cum. Also today she learned to lick ass and pussy, this is a lesson she will never forget.

Sabrina wanted something different and after searching on the internet she found this site about all kind of tortures. So she went to an abandoned house and prepared everything in the basement. She tied herself up to the table and started pleasing her pussy using some of her biggest toys. Her favorite was of course her monster black dildo which she used most of the time for her wet pussy. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more chantasbitches scenes or enter the we live together site and see some gorgeous lesbian chicks making out for the camera!


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Chantas Bitches – Harsh slave punishment

Lorelei Lee is back for you Chantas Bitches fans. She bent over the chair and it’s in for an intense spanking and paddling. After she received a hard corporal punishment, Lorelei is tied up on her back and it’s in for a hard strap on fuck. When it’s all over she was rewarded with a cold water dump over her.

Lorelei is here and she’s in for a treatment, a rough one from her mean mistress. She tied her up by the table and got her pussy pleased with a monster black dildo. She couldn’t move an inch so she had to take it all although it wasn’t very pleasant at the beginning. But she couldn’t do or say anything so she had to endure all of it until it was all over. So don’t miss out the entire gallery with this mean mistress playing with her new slave. Also you can enter the site and see other kinky lesbians fucking!


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Bound and dominated

Chantas Bitches brought you a new Sasha Lexing gallery. She’s new to the rope bondage and to the lesbian strap on sex. She wanted an intense introduction and received a rough anal pounding in a hot BDSM scene. Nika gives her with many forced orgasms.

She got a surprise from her new lover the other night. When Sasha heard about the surprise she was thinking about something nice from her but no chance! She ended up in a filthy basement tied up by the pipes and got what she deserved. Sasha was tied up completely naked and couldn’t move an inch and couldn’t say a word. So her gf started to dildo-fucking her pussy senseless. So don’t miss out the entire chantasbitches scene with our hot babe Sasha and her lover! Check it out or enter the site and see other hot lesbians fucking!


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Chantas Bitches – New bitch broken in

Naturally Dominant Krissy is back on Chantas Bitches and she found the perfect slut to torture. This is Scarlett’s first scene in the world of lesbian sex. She experienced for the very first time bondage and BDSM play. She got gagged,bounded, flogged, clamped, then the hardcore experience begun she got electro-shocked and strap on fucked in her tight holes.

Scarlett heard around her everyone talking about BDSM, but she had no idea what they were talking about. When she got home she started searching on the internet and got interested about it, so she decided to try it out. She didn’t want to try it out with some stranger so she started asking all of her friends. The guys didn’t want to hear about it, so she went to her gals. After a lot of searching she finally got the perfect person for the job. Check out the Strapon XXX site if you wanna see other kinky lesbian babes fucking with big dildos!


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Brutal caning abuse

This is your lucky day, Chantas Bitches brought the roughest scene for their collection. Well, this scene it’s a little bit different from the rest, here it’s all about feet. These best friends and pain sluts are going to suffer together through foot canning, foot paddling and foot whipping in this brutal bastinado scene, that of course is followed by some hard forced orgasms.

These gals know how to have fun that’s for sure. They heard from some friends about this new thing that all the couples where trying out. So they searched about it and after getting all the information they decided to try it out. Their boyfriends didn’t want to get involved in things like these so they also had their first lesbian experience as well. They found the perfect place for it, an abandoned house next the town exit. After they got out of work they went there and as you can see things got wild. Enjoy chantasbitches free update or enter the site and watch similar videos and pics!


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Chantas Bitches – Lesbian slave abused

Take a look at Nika punishing these two horny sluts in the newest Chantas Bitches gallery. She founded these horny sluts in desperate need of some discipline so she used them in this hardcore lesbian BDSM scene. Dylan is the one tortured, she’s flogged and getting her rack stretched by Sabrina. Today she learned the art of analingus, before she gets sandwiched between two huge strap on cocks. In this scene she gets her pussy, ass and mouth filled.

These two hotties went to a party that got a little bit too wild. They were all playing poker and after the gals got the taste of it ended raising the bet. The gang started playing poker with dares and of course after the first hand the gals lost. The guys wanted to teach them a lesson so they dared them to try out something extreme. The gals didn’t have any idea of what BDSM meant, but they sure learned fast. For similar content you might enter the site if you wanna see some hot chicks getting their asses whipped!


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Nervous slave bound

Phoenix is pretty nervous about her scene from Chantas Bitches, and agreed to do the scene only if it was with Chanta.  So she ended up tied up with a rope and got punished to the edge, making her love this kinky bondage play. Take a look at this dirty gallery only on updates.

Another hottie got in the hand of master Chanta. She heard talking of her everywhere she want so she did a little research of her own. She found out that she is this mean mistress that loves playing with all kind of toys in an unconventional environment. So she searched her mail address and sent her a message. The next morning when she opened the mail box she had the response and everything was settled. She went to the address she received and there she had the adventure of her life. This sure is a night she wont forget soon! For similar material, enter the site and see another kinky mistress going wild!


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Chantas Bitches – Stripped and abused

Chantas Bitches is back with a hardcore gallery. Sabrina kidnaps Krissy from her hotel room while she is sleeping and ties her up. She woke up getting fucked by her huge strap on cock. She got stripped, then clamped, flogged and suspended ready to get strap on fucked by Sabrina, that hasn’t no mercy for her tight pussy.

Now that I told you what happened let me explain you how Krissy got in this situation. As I said earlier she was enjoying her weekend in a small hotel out of town when she meat this strange women during dinner. She didn’t want to seem rude so she continued talking with her. After a while she mysterious women asked her if she likes BDSM. She didn’t know how to react so she went to the hotel room. Unfortunately for her she remember that she told Sabrina in which room she was staying. So a few minute after midnight she had an unexpected visit to her room and you can see how things ended. Check out the site if you wanna see other beauties getting tied up and fucked


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Slave’s ass fucked

Chantas Bitches is back with two slutty bitches ready to do some damage. Lorelei starts by heating up Delilah’s cunt. She got tied up to a bed and got double-penetrated. Of course she became a sex-slave fuckdoll. Lorelei uses  a large strap on tool to fuck her tight ass. Lots of bondage orgasms and hard SM play.

Another two hotties are here for you lucky guys and they sure spiced things up a bit. Lorelei and Delilah are our latest guest with their hot scene. These two never tried something so extreme before, but we think they did a hell of a job. They had everything prepared and just had a some fun last night. Although we didn’t expect it they repeated the chantasbitches scene but in a different place the next night. Check out the site if you wanna see other slutty lesbians getting kinky on the video camera!


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